rootsinyouI’ve never really been one for gardening. I suppose the fact that I don’t have a garden to speak of might have a lot to do with this fact. I don’t really understand hard soil and soft soil or what can grow at certain times of the year. But one week ago when I sat down with two friends and a cup of tea to study the parables, gardening seemed to become the topic of discusion.

Obviously I didn’t have a lot to say, not really able to join their enthused conversation other than to state how I really do like sunflowers and would love to grow my own vegetables one day. But I soon learned that I don’t need green fingers to know that I am often anything but ‘good soil’.

I have – as many others – often allowed myself to be so concerned with the thoughts, words and actions of others that I completely shut off the word of God – meaning that I do whatever others want instead of what I know He wants from me. On occasion I have even completely denied my faith having been too fearful of what someone might think of me because of it, of how I might be treated differently because of it.

My faith has ebbed and flowed through the course of my journey as a Christian and there have been many years inbetween where I have not stepped foot in church, nor have I so much as glanced at a bible. But when I am enriching myself, when I am immersing myself in the nutrients of His word, of Jesus’ teachings, in podcasts and Christian blogs, prayer and conversations with friends, I realize that we really can change our soil.

If you are rocky ground, you don’t have to remain rocky, if you are covered in thorns, you don’t have to remain thorny, if you don’t understand His word, find out what it means – don’t let it go to waste, because it will make amazing changes in your life!

As you would tend to a garden, so too must you tend to yourself. You hear the word, now let it soak in. Let it seep deep into you and plant roots into your everyday. Let it be your lifeline in this world. Let it be at the core of all you do and let’s start the journey to becoming good soil.


Today’s Letters To is A letter to the sower. Together with the lovely Ruth Povey, we have been studying the parables of the Bible so we decided to incorporate this into the weekly link up. Please join us, you can write as loosely based on the prompt as you please, and link up below!