In a recent conversation with a writer friend, I admitted that I felt as though writing was her calling, that I truly believed it was her gift from God, to be used in abundance with passion and fervent. I told her that although writing is something I enjoy, I just don’t feel as though it is my gift, I don’t feel as though I am writing with purpose.

And with this statement, in true Sabrina form, I was breaking myself. Essentially, what I was declaring, is that I don’t feel good enough. This is somewhat of a pattern for me, always feeling sub-par, always falling short of the mark, always thinking I am less than others.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe you are not a writer, maybe your heart is called elsewhere, always drawn to act on urges, excited at the prospects yet always telling yourself you can never be good enough no matter how much you enjoy it.

When you choose not to push forward because of this, the only person holding you back is you.

When you apply for that college course, believe that you are good enough, because you are. And if it doesn’t work out, apply again next time.

When you so desperately want to sing, to lift a crowd in worship, believe that you are good enough.

When you watch that preacher, who speaks so deeply into your heart that it leaves a mark, and you feel filled with excitement and inspiration – believe that this can be you – because it can!

You can be who you want to be. You alone can act on your talents and strengths. You alone can stop breaking yourself down with the im-not-good-enoughs and the i’ll-never-be-as-good-as-thems.

We can choose to stop comparing ourselves to others, because let’s face it, if we didn’t think someone else was better, we wouldn’t have any one to inspire us, to drive us to do more and encourage us to be more.

If this sounds like you, then join me in being your own cheerleader. Believe that you are good enough. Learn from those who are achieving what you desire and know that one day, this can be you. Be bold, be persistent and believe in yourself.

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