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This week’s Letters To is a little later than usual due to life being just a bit hectic! Hopefully this will have given you a little more time to perfect those posts to share with us. Just click on the link below to join with this week’s prompt – A letter to build a bridge. We would love to read your thoughts.

When I think of building bridges I feel a pang of regret in my heart. Mainly because I know that I have burned a few bridges over the years. Bridges built through childhood memories of making mud pies and rollerblading and playing witches and princesses. Bridges that once stood strong and firm and which I believed would always be standing. Bridges which took me through barbies to boys, through secret diaries to secret hideouts.

I didn’t just decide one day to burn a bridge, it was a slow process, but nevertheless a friendship diminished was the final result. I built new bridges elsewhere and all the while I wondered what had become of the friend who taught me how to apply make up, who listened to backstreet boys with me whilst we wrote in diaries and then read them to eachother. I wondered what had become of her, and I felt sure I was better off.

She got married recently, and as I flicked through wedding pictures on facebook, and read lovely comments from common acquaintances, I couldn’t help but feel like I should have been there. I should have been there with her, standing by her side, brushing her hair and helping her squeeze into her dress.

It felt wrong that something life changing was happening, and I wasn’t a part of it.

I cannot go back in time and change how things played out, and I have built new and amazing bridges with wonderfully uplifting, generous and courageous women. I can build new relationships as I go, and I can choose to cling to them, to place new bricks where old ones crumble, to build us stronger and stable together.

Is there someone in your life you miss? Have you burned bridges you felt could never be rebuilt? Is there still a chance to make things right?

Sometimes we just need to build a bridge and get over it!

Get over that silly argument that you can no longer remember. Get over that hurtful thing she said about you. Whatever it is that is breaking down relationships, decide if it is worth saving, because one day it might be too late.

I urge you today, If there is someone in need of that olive branch, offer it, because in God’s eyes we are all equal, and we are called to love one another as we love ourselves, to be in community with others, to do life with others.

It might be a long ago friend, or that girl in your toddler group who sits by herself. Whatever it is that is stopping you from reaching out, get over it, because if we can put all the unimportant stuff aside, we can be building beautiful bridges.