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I wonder how things look for you now. I hope beyond hope that you are happy now, that things have become a little easier. It’s what I pray for each day, for you to know comfort and security, love and contentment.
I hope you no longer live in worry and fear of each new day. I hope there is much to smile about, much to be thankful for.

But I hope more than anything that you will not forget, because life can flip like a coin at any given moment, heads to tails, perfect to broken.

You mustn’t forget the lessons you learned on my side of life, the lessons that pulled you through. Like how to give your worries to God, because He can do the things that you can’t. And how the devil can sneak in through the cracks, through the moments of doubt, or the moments of I-just-don’t-care-anymore.

And remember how you prayed, hard and passionately, and how others prayed for you. How one of your most amazing friends made it her mission to pray for you everyday until life got better. Remember how it worked, how you learned that prayers can be answered, that God is listening.

I hope you won’t forget just because you have plenty to smile about now. I hope you will continue to pray through good times as well as bad.

Remember to be thankful for all that you can, and continue to be faithful, continue to trust in Him, the one who loves you so much and guided you through, who lit the darkness and led you into the light, who gave you back your happiness.

I hope beyond hope that you are happy, that you finally set a date for the wedding, that you can un-pause all the dreams you had for your life.

But please, always remember.


I am linking up today with Ruth Povey at ruthpovey.me for our weekly Letters To series, this weeks prompt is a letter to a future me. Please come along and join us, the link will be open all week.