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When we are in need, when we are hungry for provision, for comfort, for understanding, we are told to pray. We are told to ask God for the things we need. We are told that He will provide. But what about when we feel we have been so disconnected to God that to ask for anything feels pointless. Because why would he provide for me when I don’t pray every day, when I never pick up my bible, when I don’t listen to His Word, when my life does not reflect his greatness?

It is well known that many people turn to God when in need, when we are relying on Him to fulfill our needs or save us from the grips of satan, but so many of us forget his presence when everything in life is going to plan. We forget that it is because of God that things are going well. We forget to say thank you. We forget to praise Him for all he has worked in our lives. God sits on the back burner whilst we enjoy his fruits.

Until we decide we need Him.

But there is no decision. We need him. Full stop.

We need him when we are happy. We need him when we feel fulfilled, when life appears to be falling into place. We need him through storms and through rainbows. We need him in every season.

But what if this sounds like you, and you suddenly find yourself in desperate need of His love and grace? Does this mean our prayers will not be heard? Does this mean that god will cast us aside in favour of those who have a strong relationship with him?

Does this mean it is pointless to ask him for provision?

God wants us all to be in relationship with Him – yes. He wants us to praise him in all circumstances, to grow in spiritual strength. But he is also our healer, our redeemer, our saviour, Father and friend. He hears our cries and wants to help.

Instead of worrying about how selfish our need for God is, let’s take our circumstances as an opportunity to start a relationship. Pray for your needs, but don’t just pray for your needs. Pray for others, even when there is only room in your head for your own problems. Open your bible. Read and soak in His Word. Fill your life with all things pleasing to God. Sing and praise and worship him in all ways.

Ask Him for provision, ask for help in a difficult time, ask for His loving hand upon your life. But don’t stop there. Because in immersing yourself in God, in building a strong and lasting relationship with Him, in learning His Word, you can find so much more than just provision for today.

So don’t decide not to ask, because you feel selfish, hypocritical or unworthy. Ask because He wants you to. And make this the starting point for an amazing relationship with The Father who loves you more than you know.

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