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‘I taught him that!’ I exclaim as my little boy says ‘mama’, as he blows kisses or as he waves his chubby fingers at anyone and everyone. I am such a proud mum, making my son perform like a circus monkey every time he learns a new trick. The days have been flying by ever since he was born and he is learning so much, most of the time he is copying so much! I know that as his mum it is my job to protect him, to clothe and feed and comfort him, but one of the biggest roles of motherhood is to teach.

I hold onto his hands as he steps his way across the living room floor, and it’s me that’s teaching him to walk, me who is providing the stability and support to enable his little legs to move and his brain to process and store the new information.

It is me that reads to him, speaking slowly as he points to the colourful pictures with squeals of delight, linking words to images.

It is me who will take the time to repeat myself again and again ‘say doggy!’ waiting patiently as his lips contort, eyes fixed on my mouth in concentration.

To every mother out there, you are the most important teacher in your child’s world. Even when you don’t realize it, they are watching, and they are learning from everything you do and say. We need to be self-aware, we need to inspire, we need to provide a moral compass, to teach love and forgiveness, but most of all, where little eyes are watching, and little mouths repeating, we need to be the people we want our children to be.

This fortnight’s Letters to is Letter to a teacher. We would love you to join us by linking your posts below and the link will be open all week. We will be meeting at Ruth’s page in two weeks with the prompt Letter to the monsters under the bed.

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