How many times do we hear people say ‘it’s been a great day today!’. Well I don’t know about you but this is not something I hear very often. Usually it’s ‘been a hard day’, ‘been a tiring day’ or ‘same old same old’.

For me, today has been a great day, and I will tell you why.

Today has been a great day because I woke up with a roof over my head, because I awoke warm and dry and comfortable next to a man who loves me.
Today has been a great day because I had more then enough food in my cupboards to fill my child’s hungry belly.
Today has been a great day because I spoke to one amazing friend on the phone, and shared cups of warm tea with two other equally amazing ladies.
Today has been a great day because my son slept for two solid hours during nap time this morning. Today has been great because when his pasta dinner got stuck in his throat, one slap on his back turned his panicked face back to a smile, and as he breathed again, I breathed again.
Today has been a great day because as of right now, my hard working husband-to-be still has a job. 
Today has been a great day because I had time this evening to enjoy sweet tea before bed and read about beauty and grace and wisdom shared through writing.

To many, this might be a boring day, certainly nothing extraordinary. But I say this is a fantastic day.

How easy it is to forget those in the world who do not awake to warmth, or even safety. Who fear their starving children might not make it through the day without food or clean water. How many are losing loved ones to illness or accidents. How many people are alone with no one to confide in, no shoulder to cry upon and no hope to hang on to.

It is all too easy to view our lives as mundane, to covet what others have, to wish for more. It is not as easy to remember the many blessings disguised within the everyday.

So please, dear reader, I urge you..take note of the hidden, hum-drum blessings and be thankful each and every day, for those are the details that make your day a great one!